How we do this

While we were discussing the format of this project, it was decided that video documentary would make it more objective. We visited a couple of human rights organizations and got acquainted with people working there. Some activists allowed us to film their life outside the office. While filming, we tried not to influence what was happening in any way; we tried to remain mere observers. As a result, we made a few short videos. We also tried to completely exclude author’s assessment and intonation. This website presents a chronicle, whose main theme is people’s efforts aimed at making our society a little better.

What was not included into the videos we turned into texts. Those texts did not undergo much editing either; we simply added some clarifications and excluded repetitions. Moreover, we added some facts from the organizations’ histories – not some exclusive material, but whatever each and every one could find online. Enjoy these videos, and we will make more.

Follow the participants:

Civic Assistance Committee

Memorial, Komi Human Rights Committee

Andrey Rylkov Foundation for Health and Social Justice

Committee for Prevention or Torture

Soldiers’ mothers of Saint-Petersburg

International Youth Human Rights Movement

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